Welcome to KEYTECH DATA CENTRES. We have more than 20 years experience in data entry, survey tabulation, and database creation and management.

We have all of the equipment, personnel, and knowledge to help your company achieve all of its goals in data management.

Our wide array of data entry services will optimize your data systems and make data management efficient and less time consuming. Various database formats can also be implemented to store vast amounts of data in a secure manner. A friendly user interface can also be used in conjunction with database system to allow greater ease of use to all employees.

Our systems can accommodate a large variety of different source formats and output formats, allowing clients to convert to nearly every possible format. Besides converting text, KEYTECH DATA CENTERS can convert images from a variety of sources and mediums. All completed work can then be sent to you via cd-rom and by high speed internet transmission.

Quick turn around times mean that data systems are implemented quickly and clients can make use of this system immediately. Our focus is creating an easy to use, reliable system that will increase efficiency and will reduce the costs of storing data in paper format. In addition, this prolongs the life span of your data, allowing you to store records for many years.

High tech conversion systems allow for the highest degree of accuracy on all conversion tasks. All converted documents are then examined thoroughly and are certified to be error-free.

Let KEYTECH DATA CENTERS handle your data so you can concentrate on running your business.